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The one trick you need to know when using oils in your skincare

We often hear that oils are some of the most nourishing ingredients you can apply to your face, right?

That is partly true.

Healthy skin needs both water and oil. Either one alone won’t do. Without enough oils, the skin becomes dry, and without enough moisture, it will become dehydrated. Dehydrated skin feels tight, and can be oily, dry or anything in between.

Our skin gets most of its water from the deeper layers of our skin (which comes from the water we consume).

Theoretically, we could just apply a suitable oil on our face, and that would be moisturizing enough because oils are great occlusives – they seal the water into our skin.

However, to fully moisturize our skin, we also need to apply a moisture source and an oil – in that order!

Since water and oil repel each other, applying an oil-based product before a water-based one will prevent the latter from penetrating your skin properly.

So, if you find yourself applying lots of oils and balms on their own, and your skin is still dry, make sure you are applying a hydrating product first (like fresh aloe vera gel, rose water toner, hyaluronic acid serum, etc) and then your oil.

This will be a real moisturizing bomb!

What’s better, by using this layering practice you will avoid emulsifiers (substances needed to blend oily substances and water) found in conventional moisturizers. Emulsifiers can be disruptive of the skin barrier and can dehydrate your skin even more. This is not to say all moisturizers are bad, but the effect of emulsifiers is there and is real!

Finally, make sure the oil of your choice is indeed suited for your skin. Oils high in linoleic acid (~50% or more), such as hemp seed oil, grapeseed oil, and rosehip seed oil are best suited for oily to combination skin.

Jojoba oil and squalane are great for all skin types, and when within an oil-based serum, they ensure that the high-linoleic acid oils don’t dry out your skin, but rather balance its oil production just as much as needed!

Harmony Bloom Oil is carefully formulated with the skin-clearing essential fatty acids such as linoleic and gamma-linolenic acid, as well as powerful antioxidants to fight the oxidative damage (which causes clogged pores and premature skin aging).

It contains a truly wonderful balance of just the right oils for imbalanced, acne-prone skin, and is completely non-comedogenic!

Oils higher in oleic acid are more moisturizing, and hence more fitting for dry skin. Even better, you can opt for unrefined, organic shea butter, which is an amazing occlusive!

If you want to learn more about right oils for your skin, tips and how to improve your skin health, head over to my blog

Hope you find this helpful!

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Sara Sumic, MSc, is a molecular biologist, former acne sufferer, and skincare blogger. She started Healthy Skin Glows to share science-based skincare tips and help women heal their skin from the inside out. She releases her new online course, called Skin Rebalancing Protocol, in January 2019. The course is designed to help you to bring your skin back to healthy balance, then target stubborn breakouts, hyperpigmentation, and slow down skin aging. Through the process, you will eliminate harsh acne treatments and replace them with an effective, non-toxic skincare that fits your unique needs.

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