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How to look after your neck and upper chest area?

Do you tend to skip your neck and your upper chest area during your skincare ritual? If you do, please don’t feel bad. So many of us can forget to apply skincare products to this area.⁠⁠
Our skincare routine usually stops at the jawline, the same as the makeup application, so it makes sense why we may forget about it. However, once you become more aware, you will stop skipping it, I am sure!

What causes skin damage on the neck and upper chest area?

Your décolleté⁠⁠ (neck and upper chest area) is one of the first to show the signs of premature ageing, from lines to hyperpigmentation from the sun. Many are due to the delicate and thinner skin, which easily get affected by environmental and lifestyle factors. Major contributors would be prolonged sun exposure, lack of topical nourishment from skincare, an unbalanced diet, lack of physical activity, habits that accelerate ageing like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, bad postural habits and sleeping on a side.

Top skincare tips for your décolleté⁠⁠

Aim to sleep on your back more often; this way, you will avoid major creases.

Use a gentle cleanser, hydrate it, apply a nourishing moisturiser or oil. Be generous with the neck, and it is as exposed as your face is. So if you are not wearing a scarf or a turtle neck top, apply your SPF too when heading outside during the day. ⁠⁠
My favourite tip – gentle neck massage with Bloom Oil, to ease the tension in the muscles, stimulate the blood flow and lymphatic system. Then, move to your face. It is super relaxing to do it in the evening, after a long day! And in the morning, very useful if you wake up with a puffy face. ⁠⁠
Do you treat your decollete area? ⁠⁠

Lena Wild Founder & Formulator. Certified organic cosmetic formulator and holistic facialist specialising in advanced facial massage technique including sculptural facelift and gua sha. Passionate sustainable lifestyle advocate. Finds her peace and inspiration from the walks in the forest.

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