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How I Became Friends With My Skin (And Why It Mattered)

“Dear friends, please let me introduce to you Sara Sumic from Healthy Skin Glows, a beautiful and kind hearted person who I met on Instagram. After exchanging our painful experiences of acne sufferings with each other, I was totally captivated by her passion of sharing her story and findings with her readers. Her academic approach to this topic and ability to deliver her findings in a simple language to so many people who are battling acne, gives hope, sense of community and most important – results, on this, usually, very isolated journey to clear skin. I am so honoured to have Sara here, she will be a regular contributor to Lena Wild blog, so please feel free to request the topics you want Sara to cover, we will try to accommodate them!” – Yelena x

I can still remember vividly the moment I got truly tired of my own skin. No matter how many acne treatments I tried (topical or oral), or how much money and time I spent, it all just seemed to make it worse. And this had been going on for years.

I remember looking at myself in the mirror, and the reflection that greeted me confirmed that not only was I tired of my skin, but it dawned on me that my skin was probably really tired of meIt was the first time I actually thought about how my skin is doing, not simply what I want to see in the mirror.

I realized that for so many years I was demanding my skin to look a certain way (dare I say perfect?). Just demanding, demanding, demanding, without stopping for a second to consider that my skin is actually an organ and needs to be taken care of way better.

What kind of relationship is that when one side is doing all the taking and demanding? I felt like my skin was my enemy and the only obstacle between me and my confidence, looking and feeling beautiful.

At that moment I understood something that would be the start of true change for my skin. I understood that I needed to treat my skin as it was my friend, as it wished for me to be beautiful and confident. After all, my skin didn’t do anything wrong, I did!

I decided to stop attacking my skin with all the products, treatments and, most importantly, my wrong mindset. I was even prepared for my skin to get worse when I stopped those products, but my skin surprised me at looking and feeling better and better. My skin could regulate itself, it just needed for me to let it do so!

I often get asked how long it took for oil cleansing or oils to work, and the truth is it took over a year. Looking back now, I realize it was not just certain skincare changes that made the difference, but that I was simply much gentler with my skin. Even then, my skin wasn’t 100% clear, but it was much healthier and that was enough for me.

I decided to treat my skin as my friend, respected its bad days, rejoiced on its good days, and stopped obsessing over it! It was a long road of self-discovery, but I can fully appreciate the clear skin I have today.

Today, my philosophy when it comes to skincare is to ask what my skin needs instead of the endless: “I wish my pores were smaller!”, or “I wish my skin wasn’t so oily, if only those acne would disappear already!”

So, if your skin was your friend, what would it say about you? What little step can you do today to nurture that relationship?

Sara Sumic, MSc, is a molecular biologist, former acne sufferer, and skincare blogger. She started Healthy Skin Glows to share science-based skincare tips and help women heal their skin from the inside out. She releases her new online course, called Skin Rebalancing Protocol, in January 2019. The course is designed to help you to bring your skin back to healthy balance, then target stubborn breakouts, hyperpigmentation, and slow down skin aging. Through the process, you will eliminate harsh acne treatments and replace them with an effective, non-toxic skincare that fits your unique needs.

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