Meet Yelena, Founder, Formulator & Holistic Skin Therapist

Hi, I am so glad you stopped here so I get a chance to introduce myself to you. I am Yelena Serebryakova, officially founder and product formulator of Lena Wild and a holistic skin therapist. Unofficially I wear all the hats of this family business. 

My years of research and training in organic cosmetic formulation, holistic facials, herbalism, nutrition, advanced & buccal massage and gua sha, and teaching natural skincare at the College of Naturopathic Medicine were inspired thanks to my journey through adult acne. It suddenly became a big part of my life in my late 20s, and it took me a while to understand how to handle it. 

During this challenging time, I realised the power of nature and its gifts – natural ingredients, gentle, non-invasive care for the skin. And complexity and perfection of our bodies and how vital is emotional wellbeing, hormonal harmony, balanced nutrition and positive lifestyle habits. They all play a paramount role not only in how we feel but also in how our skin glows.

With my products, I want to simplify your skincare routine and offer you the best of nature through products that not only nurture your skin but will inspire you to take time for yourself. 

To me, healthy skin is also an insider’s job, so I wholeheartedly practice and encourage a 360 approach to skincare and any skin concerns. 

As a passionate environmental advocate, I promise you high-quality products, small-batch, thoughtful production, and less waste.

And if ever in doubt, need any advice or have a question, I would be delighted to hear from you. Just email me or book in for a facial.

With all my love,

Yelena x

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