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Home Documentary: Humans threatening the ecological balance of the earth

Invest two hours of your life to watch this beautiful and challenging documentary. While amusing your eyes with the beauty of our Home, the Earth. We are driven from the beginning of times to our days, contemplating how we, humans, have shaped and exploited the earth in the past 100 years. Completely broke the planet’s ecological balance and threatening the future of our Home.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand is a French photographer, journalist, reporter and environmentalist. Well known for his book: Earth from Above. Apart from having an incredible eye for beauty and capturing amazing images, Yann and many like him should be the examples and heroes of our children.

He is charming, sensitive, brave, loving and humble. They make this world a definitely much better place. Check his interviews on Youtube to realise that we should be giving these people a bigger channel, and less prominence to nonsense celebrities, sports idols, pointless TV shows…

Home is a documentary to watch with enough time and energy to digest it and enjoy it.

The script is an overview of the history of humanity from the beginning until our times. With a paused and tranquilvoiceover. My sensation was like reading a good book sitting in the middle of nature with sounds of birds and breeze as a soundtrack.

It makes us reconsider things, make better decisions, change our path, no matter if you produce or buy. As a consumer or as a business, we can change, improve and take good care of our home.

I want you to watch this film so badly, I know you will enjoy it, and it might help us to be more sensitive towards how we consume and produce.

For instance, Yelena and I wanted a car, it is now more useful than ever. We are leaving a bit further from the centre and also making so many deliveries. However, we don’t like the idea of burning fuel while moving around. So, we were checking fuel alternatives to realise that the options are very little and also very expensive. There are almost no options to buy electric cars that are actually cheap or second hand.

However, if we want this change to happen as consumers, we need to support the change, encourage companies to produce and promote more this alternative. Unfortunately, no car for us yet 🙁 But when we will have it, it will be something that we can proudly drive.

I want to leave you with this inspiring quote from the documentary:

“It is time to come together what’s important is not what is gone, but what remains. We still have half of the world’s forests, thousands of rivers, lakes and glaciers and thousands of thriving species. We know that the solutions are there today, we all have the power to change, so what are we waiting for?”

Dany is an artisan and crafts lover. Passionate about nature, the earth and the people that make it such a special place. He is a freelance visual communicator and he is to blame for Lena Wild brand, packaging and all that we do. You can check more of his projects on his website

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