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Know more about Elevate Body Oil, our first Limited Edition

Hi! I’m Yelena, founder and product formulator of Lena Wild. Today, I wanted to introduce you to Elevate, our New Limited Edition Body Oil, and share with you a little bit more about the product and idea behind.


Elevate is a collaboration with a London-based artist Kate Dolan who created this gorgeous artwork called Ten Trees. Through this work, we wanted to share our love and appreciation for our forests.

I grew up in Latvia, one of the greenest countries in Europe, and throughout my childhood, I was always surrounded by nature, my sweetest memories come from there. Even now, as an adult, I still find my joy when I go to the forest.

As a company that strongly values sustainability and getting inspiration from nature we really wanted to give back. With Elevate, every bottle sold will donate funds to a charity called Tree Sisters and together we will be able to plant Ten Trees.

Forests are the lungs of the Earth, they are a major part of our ecosystem and reforestation is one of the most powerful solutions to climate change.


About the product, I love oils, I love how caring they are for our skin for our body. For those of you who love body oils, but don’t use them on the regular basis because you find them too rich, oily or shiny and you don’t have enough time to wait for them to sink in. I created elevate this oil is super fast-absorbing, offers incredible nourishing properties and skin protective benefits but in a seamless way.

I wanted to create something uplifting and positive so the aroma is citrusy and the whole bouquet is rounded with grounding notes of benzoin and vetiver. It instantly lifts the mood, and I truly like this.


As a surprise, I wanted to announce that everyone that purchases Elevate, besides from planting Ten Trees, you will also enter in a giveaway with your chance to win this gorgeous work by Kate Dolan.

Thank you so much for supporting, I really hope you like the idea and enjoy the product.

Lena Wild Founder & Formulator. Certified organic cosmetic formulator and holistic facialist specialising in advanced facial massage technique including sculptural facelift and gua sha. Passionate sustainable lifestyle advocate. Finds her peace and inspiration from the walks in the forest.

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