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Personal with Kate Dolan, artist and author of ‘Ten Trees’

“I am delighted to introduce you to Kate Dolan, a talented London-based artist. She is a self-taught abstract colourist, originally from Leeds, UK, but she now resides in South London, where her studio is. Her work is predominantly inspired by nature and abstracted views of the earth but her pieces are influenced by her emotions and life experiences. We are proud to call Kate our friend and honoured to have collaborated with her for our Limited Edition Body Oil – Elevate. She did not only created her stunning ‘Ten Trees’ work for us, which was inspired by the beauty of forests. Kate was incredibly supportive in design and creation of visual communication and even helped us with copywriting! A true friend and a true gem to work with!” – Yelena

Why art and how did you start painting?

I’ve always been creative and taken so much comfort from colour it’s a strange thing to describe, the different tones, how they make you feel and how they work together. Painting for me is therapy so I started again when I was in a stressful job and it just snowballed from there and I made the transition from a full time job in advertising to becoming an artist 4 years ago. I haven’t looked back, it is what I’m meant to be doing in life as I feel most calm and content when I am painting.

What was the inspiration behind Ten Trees work?

It was this image of the forest that inspired the painting. Pure tranquility. Looking at this image I can almost breathe in the clean, fresh air. I was drawn to the cool, fern green and felt if Lena Wild was a colour, this is the colour it would be. The majority of my colour palettes are inspired by nature and the world around me, the colour of a pink clay rock, our planet seen from above. There is inspiration everywhere.

Thank you for choosing me to collaborate with on this wonderful initiative. I feel very honoured.

What helps you to keep inspired and creative?

Inspiration is everywhere for me, it could be the colour of someones clothing, to petals on a flower. I never struggle to stay inspired because I am led by colours I see and how I am feeling mentally does the rest. What happens with me is every now and then I lose the ability to make good paintings! That is when you need to take a break and step back and remember why you are making something, go back to your inspiration and research. Stay true to yourself, the original idea, and don’t get influenced by trends or what you are seeing on Instagram.

What is beauty to you?

That is a question with many layers Yelena!
Raw, unspoilt landscapes is the purest beauty to me. That peaceful calm of gentle waves splashing against the shoreline with no other soul or building in sight. Walking through protected natural parks where all you can hear are the sounds of the birds, insects and maybe the odd howler monkey. The tallest trees in a dense cloud forest which make you feel so insignificant as they tower above you and protect the planet. I’ve been so lucky & privileged that I have been able to travel so much and experience the depths of jungles and most remote beaches. I think that is beauty to me.

Share with us your personal self-care tips?

Lena Wild top-secret new face oil which I’ve now run out of because I was one of her willing testers. The smell of it made my day instantly better.

Coconut oil instead of moisturiser.

Yoga. I’ve just started it in lockdown as I’d been cut off from my usual exercise and it’s changed everything. I feel so strong and able to organise my thoughts better. I’ve finally realised what all the fuss was about!

Baths. I love a relaxing bath after a day at the studio. My work is very physical and everything usually aches at the end of the day, especially in winter! So a bath with Epsom salts and a face mask is dreamy.

Lena Wild Founder & Formulator. Certified organic cosmetic formulator and holistic facialist specialising in advanced facial massage technique including sculptural facelift and gua sha. Passionate sustainable lifestyle advocate. Finds her peace and inspiration from the walks in the forest.

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