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The beauty of the UK forest by Ellie Davies

I am seduced by the beauty of the forest, and when I see Ellie Davis photography I feel very connected to the worlds that she creates. A magical, beautiful and mystic forest.

Ellie Davies lives in London, but her studio is in the forest. She makes non-invasive and also temporary interventions in the middle of the forest, using smoke, fabric, lights… creating a magical almost fairy-tales atmosphere.

She has created a series called “Stars” which is a great combination between the milky way and “mature and ancient” forest landscapes. The result a very elegant set of images. Combining the magical and extraordinary with the wild and untouched beauty of the forests. I have selected some images from her work to share with you. Have a rest and delight your senses.

Living in a big city can be quite rough, after a while, we lose contact with nature. For this reason, it helps me so much to get a break and admire some good photography. I know that on the screen I don’t get the real feel, but at least I can close my eyes and bring back memories and smells of the woods.

At Lena Wild, we love praising people that, like Ellie Davis, make us understand the beauty of the forest. Therefore, if you know someone that we should look at please share it with us! We love getting inspired by other people’s work!

Have a great weekend! Maybe in the wild? 🙂

If you’d like to see more of her work, I’d recommend the following articles:

  1. Lens Culture
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  3. Ellie’s Website
  4. Colossal Magazine
Dany is an artisan and crafts lover. Passionate about nature, the earth and the people that make it such a special place. He is a freelance visual communicator and he is to blame for Lena Wild brand, packaging and all that we do. You can check more of his projects on his website

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  • HI Dany, I just came accross this article, thank you so much for featuring my work! Warm wishes, Ellie

    • Hi Ellie, thank you for leaving a comment here. I really like your work as a forest lover that I am. Really enjoyed it! Thanks again for your work and for your comment too! 🙂


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