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Welcome to Lena Wild Blog

I am happy to see you here! Hopefully you have been browsing our website a little and wondered what else we do apart from our natural and organic skincare. Or some amazing friend of yours has shared this page with you, whatever the reason is – Welcome!

We wanted to start a blog as we love sharing our findings and ideas about organic and sustainable living with people, and sometimes it can probably be a little too much to listen to our loved ones.

So here we are, discovering and spreading things we are passionate about with you. This blog is not just a place for our own stories, it is a platform for collaboration! I can assure you won’t stay indifferent as you will find more than a beauty and lifestyle in here.

We have divided this blog in five sections – Hope, Inspire, Indulge, Wild and Beauty. You can discover more about each topic further down this post. What I really want to highlight is that we will be hosting some incredible people here from different paths of live and different backgrounds. Some will be will be here on a regular basis, others as special guests. Whatever their stories and passions are they all have a common love for nature, beauty, health, sustainability and education.


Hope is about positive environmental news in the world. The purpose of this section is to spread the great examples and to give hope. We aim to share educative articles and show that there is another way to live and create things. We want to praise Nature and learn how to work with her, understanding that we also need to give back not only to take from her.


The Inspire section is all about people doing great things. Any type of craftsmanship that includes passion and value for Nature. We find it so inspiring when people work together to change the world, contributing to a new culture and a more sustainable lifestyle.


Indulge speaks for itself. Here you will find recipes for food and drinks that taste like a real treat. You will also discover here some amazing cafes and restaurants that do things differently. We take food seriously, so it is very important for us chose ingredients that provide the essential nutrients to help supporting our body, mind and skin.


The Wild section on our blog is an ode to Nature. We love the untouched Nature. When we explore how everything works by Nature’s rules, we learn how to embody it. Here you will find everything from wild photography, plants and their traditional use and functions whether it is food, beauty or complementary medicine.


In our Beauty posts you will find DIY skincare recipes, experiences on beauty and spa sessions, stories from beauty bloggers and beauty business owners. We will share tips of our beauty rituals on how pamper your skin and body so you look and feel your gorgeous self.

We really hope you will be one of our regulars here and if you have related experiences to share, let us know! We love meeting new people, hear their inspirational stories and share them with the world.

Much love,


Lena Wild Founder & Formulator. Certified organic cosmetic formulator and holistic facialist specialising in advanced facial massage technique including sculptural facelift and gua sha. Passionate sustainable lifestyle advocate. Finds her peace and inspiration from the walks in the forest.

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