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The power of Powder Clay based Masks

Who doesn’t enjoy a hardworking facial mask caring for your skin, while you rest and relax, right? There are so many masks out there, including sparkling and bubbly ones. It’s hard to keep track of them and make a choice.

But what do you expect from the facial mask apart from the entertaining bit?

A good facial masque should deliver visible and noticeable improvements to the skin right after you wash it off! In case of the Rescue Mask a generous proportion of it is made out of superfine Green and Kaolin clays. Clays have a drawing effect on the skin. They are working hard to pull out pollution, grime and impurities, giving the skin a very deep clean.

Clays with our potent blend of extracts of Willow Bark and Camu Camu helps to remove dead skin cells, exposing a smoother, more brighter complexion. Green Tea extract with Chlorella help to reduce skin inflammation, neutralise free radicals and regulate sebum secretion.

Rescue Mask or a Treatment, as I love to call it, can sometimes leave the skin a bit rosy, this is due to the compounds that draw the blood to the surface, improved microcirculation, which brings out restored skin tone and encourages regeneration of new skin cells.

It is very important to keep all clay based masks moist on your face at all times in order to keep them active and avoid drying out the skin. You can do so by applying a thicker layer of the mask or adding a humectant such as agave syrup, honey or aloe vera gel.

For beautiful skin results and well deserved relaxation time, try to treat yourself with face mask time at least once a week. When your skin is congested, has active breakouts or just needs some extra attention, you can increase masking frequency to 2-3 a week. You can also do targeted area/spot treatments and apply Rescue Mask just on the area of concern. A personal tip from me, make it more than just a at home facial! Prepare to yourself a comforting cuppa and get comfy in the sofa with some soul warming book or journal.


Much love,

Yelena x

Lena Wild Founder & Formulator. Certified organic cosmetic formulator and holistic facialist specialising in advanced facial massage technique including sculptural facelift and gua sha. Passionate sustainable lifestyle advocate. Finds her peace and inspiration from the walks in the forest.

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  • Hello! Unfortunately, I am allergic to clay. It sounds weird, but my skin turns red from any clay. I read your article and I want to use a deep cleansing mask. Can you advise me an alternative to clay masks?

    • Hi Elisabeth! Oh, skin can be quite unpredictable but there are so many other wonderful ingredients and products you can use for deep cleansing and looking after your skin. You can look for activated charcoal for example in a facial mask, or try cleansing with ground oats and/or honey. If you have breakouts, Manuka honey is antibacterial and can help with healing. From clays Bentonite Clay is the gentlest one. I am sure you have tried them all, but I would like to highlight that some redness can be common after using clay masks. The most important is not to allow the clay to dry on the face. Clay masks should be kept moist at all times, to avoid redness and drying out the skin. By adding a few drops of a facial oil, yoghurt or honey in the mix, it can help with keeping the mask’s moisture. But in case of an allergy, of course, skip it all together! For skin brightening, you can use organic yoghurt or kefir, where lactic acid a natural alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) content will help to rid the skin of dead skin cells. If you are looking for deep pore cleansing, look for beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) ingredients such as willow bark extract. Hope this helps a little! If you require more help, do reach out! x

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