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Social distancing, thoughts and tips on how to stay positive during the outbreak

During social distancing, most of us have more time to face ourselves and our wandering mind. The world is on pause and suddenly the birds seem to sing louder, sweet blossom aromas are in the air and, in the midst of the uncertainty, there is a sense of serenity once you open the window. Isn’t this beautiful? Extremely powerful too? The force of Nature is thriving and maybe it is her way to remind us how strong she is, despite us collectively destroying and neglecting her all this time. More than ever before, we must rethink our living on Earth. The way we consume, produce, travel, live day to day lives. We all must strive for a harmonic way to coexist not only along with each other but with the whole ecosystem, whether a business or a consumer.

We must look out for each other, support and encourage one another and spread positivity. Be there for our loved ones, even if it is a text message, a simple call to remind them that we love them. As our responsibilities grow, to look after the kids, the elderly, or anyone who is in need, we must not forget that we cannot pour from an empty cup. I strongly encourage you to take care of yourself first, have some space to breathe and refocus on the positive. Without any guilt but with the same love you fully give to others.

Below are some handpicked resources to help you stay bright, healthy and more content.

Move your body and get stronger:

Trinidad Bitoman – my dear friend who is a passionate personal trainer is sharing simple at-home exercises on her Instagram and running video training in small groups on Zoom for free, I hope you can join us!
Yoga with Adriene – Adriene has been my virtual bestie for the past 3 years, from 10min quick yoga to guided meditations and even 30-day yoga challenges, I keep coming back! Free yoga videos for everyone, is her motto.
Barre core workout hosted by Pop Sugar Fitness – I recently stumbled across this one, it is fun, quick and will get you sweating!

Health & Wellness to strive:

Dr. Axe – my health Google for pretty much everything! I’ve been learning from his work for some time now. From natural remedies to delicious food recipes that are good for you.
Balance Nourish by Marianne – my dear friend, certified Nutritional Therapist passionate about skin, hormones and mental health. She is now offering 15 min free consultations to educate on boosting the immunity.
Daria Tiesler Wellness – Another passionate friend, specialising in Functional Medicine. I have worked with Daria to help tackle my gut-related challenges, she was such great support! Daria and her partner Manel have a super-informative blog and they host a Pursuit of Wellness podcast, where I was also invited to talk about holistic skincare.

Knowledge is power:

Coursera – has opened free access to universities and online courses to everyone until the end of July!
Preply – Always wanted to learn a language? Although not free, it is very accessible and can be a huge help for online tutors around the world!

Find your breath:

Calm – here is a free curated content to support your mental and emotional wellness!

Get inspired while entertaining yourself:

Self Made on Netflix – A fantastic 4-part movie, inspired by the life of Madam C.J. Walker America’s first self-made female millionaire. Moving and very empowering!

Take good care!

With love,

Yelena x

Lena Wild Founder & Formulator. Certified organic cosmetic formulator and holistic facialist specialising in advanced facial massage technique including sculptural facelift and gua sha. Passionate sustainable lifestyle advocate. Finds her peace and inspiration from the walks in the forest.

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