how to prepare rescue mask at home
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How to use Harmony Rescue Mask?

Harmony Rescue Mask comes in a powder form which sometimes can seem like a hard job to prepare it. However, do not get discouraged!⁠ Thanks to its powder state this formulation allows a very high concentration of active ingredients, without any water, fillers, etc… Powder state also gives you a much longer shelf life of the product without preservation. ⁠Products containing clay are very challenging to preserve, using natural preservation systems. That’s why a lot of products on the market will contain only a small percentage of pure clay in the formulation. Moreover, it allows you to customise the treatment according to your skin needs.⁠ And skin is an ever evolving organ, as we know.

Below steps would generally apply to other clay-based/powder masks as well.

  1. Prepare a small ramekin, ideally made from clay, glass, or even durable plastic. Try to avoid anything metal as it can interact with the clay in the mask.
  2. Activate approximately 1-2 table spoons of powder with water. Always add water slowly, it is easier to add more water and adjust consistency step by step. ⁠
  3. At this stage you can customise your mask by adding additional ingredients such as honey, yoghurt, a few drops of Harmony Bloom Oil or a carrier oil of your choice.
  4. Mix well using a synthetic brush or small spatula. Ideally, you are aiming for a mousse-like texture!
  5. Apply the mixture on just cleansed skin and allow it to work its magic for around 10 minutes.
  6. Wash off before it gets completely dry and follow with your skincare ritual.⁠



Rescue Mask can sometimes leave the skin a bit rosy, this is due to the compounds that draw the blood to the surface. This improves microcirculation, which brings out restored skin tone and encourages regeneration of new skin cells.⁠

With all clay-based basks, avoid complete drying out on your skin, as it could lead to dehydration and redness.⁣

If you want to prolong your treatment time, spritz some floral water or facial mist on your face⁠.

For glowing skin and well-deserved relaxation time, I recommend treating yourself to a face mask at least once a week. ⁠When skin gets congested, has active breakouts or just needs some extra attention, increase masking frequency to 2-3 a week or as needed. You can also do a targeted area/spot treatments and apply Rescue Mask just on the area of concern. ⁠When time allows, do make it more than just a quick routine. Prepare yourself a comforting cuppa, or a glass of organic wine and get comfy on the sofa with some soul-warming book or journal.⁠

Skincare doesn’t have to be a chore, try to make the most of it. Use this moment to reconnect with yourself through this act of kindness towards yourself.


Yelena x

prepare rescue mask at home
Lena Wild Founder & Formulator. Certified organic cosmetic formulator and holistic facialist specialising in advanced facial massage technique including sculptural facelift and gua sha. Passionate sustainable lifestyle advocate. Finds her peace and inspiration from the walks in the forest.

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