Green Beauty Brand Launch in London
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Lena Wild former Wild Beauty Apothecary Launch Party

A day of celebration for green beauty lovers! We launched our brand the 9th of December 2017 at the heart of East London. More than 90 people joined us to celebrate the beginning of our natural and organic skincare brand.

We launched our natural and organic skincare brand in London. Sharing our values and introducing Harmony range. At the moment Harmony range consists of two complementary products: Bloom Oil and Rescue Mask.

Friends and green beauty lovers could watch a live streaming video on our Facebook page. Additionally, we had viewers from different locations in Europe and the US.

Below you will find a short video with some of the event highlights.

Lena Wild is a natural and organic skincare brand based in London. Our products are handcrafted in small batches to achieve maximum care and quality of every single unit. We use carefully selected plant ingredients for our formulations and prioritise love and care towards the environment.

Moreover, we protect the environment by choosing organic farming, ethical sourcing and a more sustainable packaging. For example, 100% compostable labels with sugar cane adhesives in all our range. Also, our paper boxes are tree-free, they are a byproduct of the fashion industry (100% cotton).

Our first product range Harmony aims to promote the skin’s ability to heal and renew itself. They are suitable for most skin types with a particular love for the imbalanced, oily, combination and spot-prone.

Most of all, we want to thank everyone who joined us on our Launch Party and supported us on this journey until here! Everyone who followed the event on Facebook, shared it, wished us good luck and encouraged us!

Thank you for all the beautiful Instagram pictures of our products! You all are truly amazing and we are incredibly grateful. Our friends and family were exceptionally awesome.

Everything is easier when you all are close.

Thank you for being there!

Lena Wild Founder & Formulator. Certified organic cosmetic formulator and holistic facialist specialising in advanced facial massage technique including sculptural facelift and gua sha. Passionate sustainable lifestyle advocate. Finds her peace and inspiration from the walks in the forest.

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