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Facial Rejuvenation Massage and its benefits

I am a lifelong learner, especially when it comes to natural skincare and holistic beauty treatments. Discovering and learning more encourages me, helps me to stay creative and fuelles me. Since I dived into my holistic facial practice, I enhanced my understanding of skincare and how skin functions. It amazes me to see what can be achieved when we look at everything, including skin, from a holistic perspective, instead of focusing on isolated part or concern. Our bodies, including the skin, are very complex and clever creations, and it is so important to treat them that way.

Recently have learned Natural Face Lift Massage, also known as Facial Rejuvenation. This type of facial massage incorporates both traditional Japanese and Indian massage techniques, as well as some Acupressure and Facial Reflexology. ⁠This facial treatment can help to improve the complexion by stimulating the lymphatic flow to remove the accumulation of toxins, prevent and reduce puffiness, premature skin ageing, and on the deeper level bring relaxation and calm the nervous system.⁠

Facial tension can build up in the muscles and can cause puffiness, lymphatic stagnation, excessive wrinkling, just naming a few. We tend to hold a lot in our faces. Whether it is an occasional fake smile or another unwanted face expression, it can become our daily mask and hide our true personalities and feelings. Getting rid of this mask can lead to profound relaxation and inner peace.⁠

Many of us suffer facial tension without even realising, this is usually is caused by stress and anxiety. You might have never noticed that. Just like me, until a few years ago when my osteopath checked my jaw. It was really painful and discomforting. What I discovered that day was only a tip of the iceberg and it planted the seed to dig deeper into this topic. ⁠But also brought awareness, allowed me to work on this habit and encouraged me to tackle some of my stress triggers.

Have you tried a facial massage before? What have you discovered?

Yelena x⁠

Lena Wild Founder & Formulator. Certified organic cosmetic formulator and holistic facialist specialising in advanced facial massage technique including sculptural facelift and gua sha. Passionate sustainable lifestyle advocate. Finds her peace and inspiration from the walks in the forest.

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